Agile Games

The 20th meeting of the Agile Augsburg group took place in English. Facilitated by Tobias van Tricht and Anja Stiedl the participants used the evening to share experiences they have made with agile games and simulations. These can be used for learning and training of new behavior or to generate and experience new insights. Some of the exercises where tried out immediately within the meeting by the participants.

The evening was filled with a constant eager discussion about games, their use, and … of course a lot of fun!

  • Number counting
  • NASA landing game
  • Postcard game
  • Sentence picture sent
  • Blind cards – shapes and colours
  • Magic stick
  • 4 color ball game
  • Ball point game
  • Story cubes/dices
  • Two people painting
  • Teamwork
  • Jenga testing game
  • Hanabi
  • Zombie/Pirate flux
  • Escape
  • Scrum from hell
  • Moving motivators
  • Delegation Game
  • Marshmallow challenge